Cory Strand - The Bling Ring: A Reinterpretation

I don't know much about the prolific Cory Strand and the releases tend to be extremely limited so they are usually gone before I know they exist. However, the Altar Of Waste blogspot is as good a place as any should you want to play the catching game. Even so, the new three cdr set has only been available for a few days and is gone! Mind you, there were only ever five copies. He also has a bandcamp page where he kicks the twerking emptyheads in their pretty little arses just for fun.

This is a seven cdr set that reinterprets a film that I know nothing about (I tend to focus on European and South East Asian cinema) but you can check the full motivation here.

There were only ever five copies of this set for sale. I think that it is a truly magnificent thing! Cory can tell you what to expect:

"In working with the soundtrack I have tried to mirror the film's pacing, with the first three discs being the more aggressive and flashy of the set. Massive psychedelic walls of screaming noise combine with washed out club bangers and crushing percussion loops, creating a numbing repetitive sort of "dance noise" that crumbles and glitters simultaneously. The last three discs retreat into psychic oblivion, with frigid washes of empty graying ambient mirrored by caustic HNW of the emptiest sort, all struggling to eradicate a sort of sickly sweet loveliness stinking of illusory nostalgia and connection. I feel i have done a successful job in interpreting Coppola's thematics and this set stands as a personal favorite amongst my works, reveling in a mass of new sounds and techniques while existing well within the defined confines of my projects."

You need this!

Ring 1

Ring 2

Ring 3

Ring 4

Ring 5

Ring 6

Ring 7


Anonymous,  3 April 2014 at 16:21  

(and all hail sofia coppola!)

Anonymous,  3 April 2014 at 19:01  

it is fantastic how you (and mrs. inside) dig all this treasures. to be honest i have problems with high frequent shrill noise (my age?nerves?job?) but i LOVE the droney parts.

j 5 April 2014 at 08:47  

thanks for posting some altar of waste. Can't wait to hear this!