Wolf Eyes‎ - Tin Coffin 2

John Olson, Mike Connelly and Nate Young at their fucked up best.

This is a double CDr and single C30 tape in a metal reel tin kind of thing. Discogs has the discs listed in the opposite order ... there's nowt on the discs to suggest that one comes before the other. I've ripped and tagged it ... so blah

I advise you to play this as loud as you can but you may want to consult a structural engineer first to see if your dwelling can withstand this.

Released on John's American Tapes (AM560 btw) in 2006.

a disc

another disc

a tape


Anonymous,  25 January 2014 at 01:00  

Thanks!! Sweet wolf eyes!!

Anonymous,  26 January 2014 at 18:15  

pretty strange.
some tracks are gorgeous
other ones are boring.
good anyway