The Rita / Taskmaster‎ - The Rita & Taskmaster

C72 released on the genius Enterruption label in 2008. The label used to be run by wm.Rage (who is, of course, Nervous Corps and a member of the mighty Blue Sabbath Black Cheer. BSBC also has a Bandcamp page that you should check out!). This was probably one of the final tapes that was put out before Monsieur Rage moved on to other things.

This was part of Enterruption's Hermetic Archival Series. I can't tell you how much I miss that label ... the tapes were always spot on and the artwork for the Archival series was beautiful!

Anyway, if you don't know who The Rita is, take yourself out into the street and invite passers-by to spank you to death. Taskmaster is Taskmaster!

The A side has a track from each whilst the B side is a 36 minute collaboration.

The Rita & Taskmaster


Plague 12 January 2014 at 19:49  

I had to remove my pants for this one