NP vs. Thirdorgan - Ver. 1

If full-bore late-1990's Japanese noise is what you're after, here you go. Full-on sugar-rush blast by NP (Fumiyoshi Suzuki, ex-Zeni Geva and The Gerogerigegege) on one side and noise hero Thirdorgan (Akihiro Shimuzu) on the other. The tape came out in 1998 in a nifty metal package with a painted green band across it, a numbered edition of 100 copies on Thirdorgan's own eponymous label.

There's a suggestion printed in the liner notes for NP's side: "This track is designed for wide-range speakers. You may consciously listen to those bass sounds." That's right, noise fan: do not put this tape on after you've gone to sleep. Unconscious listening will make the bass sound like crap.

NP vs. Thirdorgan - Ver. 1


Jonte Nynäs 20 January 2014 at 16:49  

Just what I was looking for!

badgerstump 20 January 2014 at 17:11  

"If full-bore late-1990's Japanese noise is what you're after..."

You read my mind (again). Fantastic post!

Anonymous,  20 January 2014 at 20:44  

Don't know these two, but you can't have enough Japanese noise can you?! Thanks for this!