Sonic Boom - The Art of Sound

A 2xCD compilation that came inside the catalogue for an exhibition at Hayward Gallery, London, called Sonic Boom: The Art of Sound, curated by David Toop in 2000. The catalogue itself is a well-designed hard-bound book full of photos and essays. If sound art and/or art-leaning music interests you, the book is well worth seeking out. The CDs by themselves, though, are interesting on their own, with tracks by Christian Marclay, Ken Ikeda, Scanner, Christina Kubisch, Lee Ranaldo, Ryoji Ikeda, Disinformation, Phillip Jeck, Rafael Toral, Max Eastley, John Oswald, Brian Eno, Angela Bulloch, Thomas Koner, Ian Walton & Russell Mills, Paul Schutze, Pan Sonic, Project DARK, Paul Burwell, and more. 


Anonymous,  28 November 2013 at 20:28  

This is a nice surprise. I remember visiting this exhibition but not having the money for the book. Thanks very much!

Anonymous,  29 November 2013 at 15:31  

not bad!