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In 2002, the London Musicians' Collective established Resonance104.4FM, "the world's first art radio station". For several years, it ran a program titled "One Hour As...", in which artists were asked to create an hour of audio intended for broadcast. A few of these have since been reissued as official releases, but most have not. Then in 2004, the program released this double-CDR compilation, simply titled "... as ...". Artists include Reiko A., Joe Colley, Yannick Dauby, Seth Nehil, Utah Kawasaki, Michael Schumacher, RLW, Loren Chasse, Zbigniew Karkowski, Bruce Russell, Eric La Casa, Kuwayama Kiyoharu, Matt Shoemaker, Rudolf Eb.er, and more. 

... as ... 


Anonymous,  18 November 2013 at 16:02