Bardo Pond‎ - Vol. 1

CDr released in 2000.

These self-released recordings largely feature the band pulling out some excellent jam sessions that were either sold on tour or via their own Hummingbird Mountain label. They were usually in editions of a hundred or so and are all long gone!

Bardo Pond are simply one of the great psych rock outfits who fortunately reward us with their longevity and keep releasing great work. They have just released the "Peace On Venus" LP on Fire Records which you really should buy straight away!

"I heard someone comment recently that the limits of music have now been defined, bracketed by John Cage's silence at one end and Merzbow's maximum noise at the other, leaving only the option of filling the spaces in between. Bardo Pond demonstrate how much scope there is to innovate within that continuum. If rock music is to have any relevance in the new millennium, it is bands like Bardo Pond that will make it so." Tony Dale

Vol. 1


Anonymous,  3 November 2013 at 11:50  

i didn't like 1 2 7
i liked 3 4 5 6
life's strange

badgerstump 3 November 2013 at 21:43  

I'll take four out of seven! Not a bad strike rate...

Anonymous,  5 November 2013 at 10:23  

I did not like Bardo Pond so much, but sometimes i listen their news.
i'll grab 5&6 part because don't have it. Thanks!