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The weather is great and the domestic duties have been piling up...hence the lack of posts...anyhow...

Kusafuka Kimihide is back with a vengeance.

New K2 material seemed an impossibility for a long time but over the past few years he has burst back into prolific life!

Happy days!

Given the label, this is a suitably demented and twisted set of works.

CDr released on Mike Ridge's Quagga Curious Sounds in 2012 in an edition of 50.

And...as if that isn't enough...there is a new K2 Quagga here!

Funeral Songs


Plague 13 June 2013 at 02:10  


Badge- random request. You have any Author & Punisher or TLASILA lying around?

badgerstump 14 June 2013 at 17:29  

Author & Punisher: I do but Tristan sells his stuff via Bandcamp so I won't be posting it.

TLASILA: Tom has his own blog and regularly(ish) posts older material there...if there is something that's oop and doesn't appear there, I'm happy to help out...


badgerstump 14 June 2013 at 17:57  

oooppss...sorry Plague...forgot to mention:




on the latter, check the 20130317 (J. Dilla vs. Pig Destroyer remix)...it's ace...shows with a tag of the March 2011 Swinefest in Leeds...assuming it's remixed from that live material...who knows? who cares!

Plague 16 June 2013 at 00:37  

Thanks, Badger

I'm familiar with Tom's site, but there is just so much damn stuff I can't tell what is OOP and what isn't.
Guess I gotta sort through my stack and see what I have...

Anonymous,  16 June 2013 at 17:51  

it's harsh!