Cadaver In Drag‎ - Abuse / Breathing Sewage

Cadaver In Drag‎ varied from grind, doom and power electronics ... often on the same release. In various incarnations, Cadaver In Drag‎ have contained Ben Allen (aka Caves), Jason Schuler (who was in Warmer Milks), Josh Lay, Morgan Rankin (aka Gnarly Sheen and runs Husk Records with Josh) and Travis Shelton (also of Warmer Milks).

This CDr was released on BloodLust! in 2009 and contains material from the Abuse CD on Husk Records and the Breathing Sewage tape on Animal Disguise from 2005. It also includes a previously unreleased collaboration with Mark Solotroff.

I thought that they had stopped recording in around 2009 (which is true) and there would be no more to hear (which is not true). Husk Records have just released "The final lost full length studio album from this genre bending, misanthropic, and often misunderstood band finally unearthed after being recorded in 2009. This is a document of the last stage of the band as they were pushing things into even more abstract terrain than before and continuing their reputation of genre rebellion. Complete with guest appearances from Sara O' Keefe, and studio magic from Paul Puckett".

So if you like these...go and get that!

Abuse / Breathing Sewage