Slump‎ - Dead Or Dying Roses

Slump is the synthweird work of David Mellor (who has also appeared as part of the noise unit Black Sue) and hails from Cheshire. I doubt it's the leafy areas of Cheshire if this remarkable C26 is anything to go by. The amount of ground covered here is startling. I love this a lot and could spend a long time telling you all about it. However, the Beartown boys tell you everything and nothing that you need to know:

"SLUMP stretches its legs and awakes for yet another failing/failed outing on Beartown Records. DEAD OR DYING ROSES is a splice-fest of brittle textures, angry feedback and lurking synthesis. Filing cabinet percussion, breathless vocal improvisations, and spiraling prayer-box mantras are chopped up and scattered onto the sonic canvas like so many coarsely ground post-noise peppercorns. Delicate sinews of AM radio are knitted into a disorientating fabric of backwards blab-chatter, sloppity-boppity stereo slurp madness and ectoplasmic glass-grinding.

Not harsh, but horrid. Not furious, but facile. Not essential, but existential. Not here, but there. All you need to while away the spring evenings, rearrange your mental furniture or glimpse cubist heaven in a cassette tape – fractured diads galore!"

Oh and did I mention that this is another quality release from Beartown Records?

Dead Or Dying


Anonymous,  9 December 2012 at 18:28  

i love that!