Jah Shaka - Commandments Of Dub

Jah Shaka is a legendary UK based reggae/dub artist, producer and operator of the finest soundsystem you could ever hear. Although active since the mid-1970s, the Zulu Warrior's finest stand came in the 1980s when, alongside Adrian Sherwood's On-U Sound label, he maintained the roots and culture tradition in the face of the prevailing trend for digital dancehall, bass-less reggae (may Jah forgive them) and slack lyrics. Jah Shaka stands quite rightly at the pinnacle of UK dub and easily holds his own against the finest that Jamaica have produced.

The Commandments were a series of albums that were released on his own Jah Shaka Music label between 1982 and 1991 and rank amongst some of his most esteemed work. Crucial!

The Commandments Of Dub


Commandments Of Dub Chapter 2


Commandments Of Dub Part 3 - Lion's Share Of Dub


Commandments Of Dub 4 - Dub Almighty


Commandments Of Dub 5 - Jah Dub Creator


Commandments Of Dub 6 - Deliverance


Commandments Of Dub 7 - Warrior


Commandments Of Dub 8 - Imperial Dub


Commandments Of Dub Chapter 9 - Coronation Dub


Commandments Of Dub 10 - Africa Drum Beats



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