Filthy Black Methusaleh - Lost Midlands or The Way From Scholar Green To Fegg Hayes

C40 resulting from a mail collaboration between Filthy Turd (Darren Wyngarde ... obviously) and the aforementioned Black Sue. We are steering straight into "Dog's Bollocks" territory here [trust me, that is a good thing...just in case that doesn't translate in your part of the world]. This tape is firmly lodged in my brain. I was singing track 2 for weeks, try it. Might be best if you don't do it in public tho'.

"FILTHY TURD and the ever disintegrating BLACK SUE collective collaborate on relocated, post-Pendle, incantation, A500 horror disco - FILTHY BLACK METHUSALEH. The regurgitated mumblings of a mad man alongside droning, burbling, looping, fuzzing reverse radio splurge. A timely examination of the sinister underbelly of life in the Midlands. Stripping away the veneer of decaying market halls, abandoned duel carriage ways and burnt out kebab shops, FBM unearth something sinister, uncanny and truly sacrilegious.

Three tracks on side A. The beast awakens and sings glorious duets with the plug hole, the cesspit and the drunkard respectively before casting spells, hexes and curses on anything that moves. Side B sees the radio tuned to 666 medium wave whilst swaying acolytes gather round the cauldron and hum the theme from Zombie Flesh Eaters backwards, and at half speed."

It's on Beartown Records and it's great!



Anonymous,  9 December 2012 at 18:27  

more than great.
wow! ultra!