Culver - Fall For The Severed Hand

Culver is a long-standing favourite of the blog. It is, of course, the harsh drone noisework of Lee Stokoe who also runs the Matching Head label.

The second of the two tracks is majestic. It begins with a mesmeric looped (?backwards guitar) refrain that holds a central position as the drones sweep and build overhead. Over the 20+ minutes it gradually fades into memory as the stormclouds build and we descend into low-end rumble. Highly recommended!

This cdr was released on the extremely impressive Beartown Records three months ago:

"Track one is a brief, subtle underwater foghorn; a "creature beneath the bed" affair, basking in acidic, aural bass discharge. Track two, "broken-dead-child's-first-keyboard-vibe" - twisting, folding in beyond itself and misbehaving - turning the noise tummy right bad.

Drone innocence abandons shattered tired torso. An absolute gem."

Quite right!

Fall For The Severed Hand


Anonymous,  10 August 2012 at 18:03  

Got some stuff by Lee I've not played for a while... thanks for reminding me and thanks very much for this!

elmer68 10 August 2012 at 22:20  

Killer stuff...reminds me a bit of older Matthew Bower releases under the 'Total' moniker

Spiral 20 September 2012 at 10:29  

I'm hooked on Culver now. Could you possibly re-upload some more Culver, the other links are dead. NEED CULVER! (>'_')> <('_'<)