Alvarius B.‎ - Alvarius B.

Alvarius B. is/are one of the Sun City Girls splinter cells consisting of Alan Bishop, Hitman Kong Thep and Uncle Jim. Or...Alan Bishop, Alan Bishop and erm Alan Bishop.

This was initially released as an LP in 1994 on the SCG's Abduction label and then rereleased as a CD with four bonus tracks in 2006. Naturally, we hoovered these up and they are long gone!

This is the CD version.

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forcedexposure 4 August 2012 at 11:37  

In print and available here:

The digital version will be available for sale on 08/28/2012.

If someone needs the vinyl version, it can be had at discogs, I'm sure.

Please remove the link to the download and also remove the download.

Thanks, Kristin