Cheapmachines & Pollutive Static - Split

Now here is a split made in noise heaven.

On Side A you get longstanding antagonist Cheapmachines which is the work of Philip Julian. Apart from his excellent solo work, Julian has collaborated with Maurizio Bianchi, A Band, Birchville Cat Motel, Nihilist Assault Group, The New Blockaders and GX Jupitter-Larsen as well as being a member of the improvised drone outfit Signals. Obviously, this is quality.

On Side B you get Hal Hutchinson's Pollutive Static. Just when you get to appreciate how good Phil's side is...Hal smashes your back doors in! There are genuine beats in here that guide you through the trance maelstrom. It's the best side of a "harsh noise" tape that I've heard for years.

I ripped this in various mic input levels because the first was at 10. I thought the ferocity of this tape was was inluenced by my rip. Then I realised that this tape really hits you get it in 10.

This c40 was released on Beartown Records in 2011 in an edition of 45. It's sold out at the label but Phil has one copy for sale on Discogs. It's £4...snap it up!

"Definitely one for reaching those states of consciousness that other noise tapes just can't get to! Pop this on the walkman and see a cityscape or countryside vista transformed into a collage of forms and shapes, shifting on imperceptibely subtle trajectories. Welcome to the interzone, leave your shoes by the door." Burroughs would have been appalled and proud.

Cheapmachines & Pollutive Static


elmer68 10 August 2012 at 02:06  

Thank you for this! Great skull-grinding Noise...cleases out the earholes!

Anonymous,  10 August 2012 at 04:25  

Nice one!