The Rita - The Nylons Of Laura Antonelli

Sam McKinley presents his fascination with stockings and Italian actress Laura Antonelli. A proclivity that I have some sympathy with.

"Recorded live using various mic'd styles of women's nylon stockings. Methodical dwelling on the different densities of the nylons via classic harsh noise instrumentation. Stockings, eye liner, eye shadow, and mascara - the abstraction and deconstruction of the female form."

Eight C30 tapes released in 2009 in a tiny edition of 49 copies on the (very recently deceased) Utmarken label.

Thank you Utmarken!!!

Tapes 1-2
Tapes 3-4
Tapes 5-6
Tapes 7-8


Anonymous,  2 February 2012 at 22:11  

What A Great Way To Welcome Back In Action !!!
Thank You Very Very Much Badgerstump.

Ghola Merrick 3 February 2012 at 00:34  

Excellent... glad to see you are back.

Czar Nicholas 3 February 2012 at 05:00  

Aw hell yeah. Thanks. Glad to see you're still at it. High fives/infinite gratitude/Hail Satan.

Anonymous,  3 February 2012 at 12:07  

so glad you come back!
and with the rita,
whom i rally adore!

Anonymous,  3 February 2012 at 18:23  

Glad you're back! Thanks very much!

Tzomborgha 3 February 2012 at 20:51  

Welcome back ;) Can you please tell me which file host are you using? It's really fast!

badgerstump 3 February 2012 at 20:55  

just be honest, i thought your option was better, but i'd committed to this one...i get 300 on yours

Tzomborgha 3 February 2012 at 21:05  

I would choose Mediafire as well but I can't afford its premium user limited bandwidth. Anyway.Welcome back :D

Josh,  3 February 2012 at 21:47  

Fucking hell, great way to kick off round 2!

badgerstump 3 February 2012 at 21:56  

Josh...totally appreciate you sticking your head up and saying something! It means a lot for me to know that poeple actually appreciate this stuff (...and are not just a bunch of freeloading file collectors).

Technically, this is round 3! Had to switch filehost in July 2010...suppose that following a nuclear blast, it would be me and the roaches...

Josh,  3 February 2012 at 22:22  

I hadn't known this was the second time something like this had happened here. This is a pretty resilient blog. Hell, you may outlive the roaches.

(Also, I need to read my posts before I submit them--"to loose" should have been "to lose", and I'm pretty sure I threw a double negative in there somewhere. Not that anyone cares, but it was nagging at me lol)

badgerstump 3 February 2012 at 22:31  

yeah...i said poeple instead of people ... or peeps ... to get down with the yoof ...guess we're all fucked!

Krumbled Kookie 4 February 2012 at 04:50  

Excellent. I just bought these tapes from a guy on discogs for a reasonable price. Nice that I can back em up now.

Thanks for this.