Kawabata Makoto - Mizu Naranu Ao Ni Sae / Kawabata Makoto guitar solo 1

First cdr released on the Acid Mothers Temple label as part of their "Gold Disc Series" editions.

"When we set up the Acid Mothers Temple label in January 1998, cdrs were still an unusual format. We didn't have the money to do conventional pressings of our music at the time, but this new format allowed us to set up the label and release whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. We thought that at most there would be only a hundred people in the world who would want to hear our music, which was why we decided to do releases in editions of 100. Recently we have started the NEW GOLD DISC SERIES, and the original GOLD DISC SERIES is now defunct." Little did the world (or AMT) realise what would be unleased upon the world!

"First collection of solo guitar works by Kawabata Makoto. Dazzling music for the temporal world, overflowing with a sense of pellucidity totally different from his work with Musica Transonic."

Mizu Naranu Ao Ni Sae / Guitar Solo 1


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