Drowner Yellow Swans - Drowner Yellow Swans

Yellow Swans were Gabriel Mindel Saloman and Pete Swanson. More often than not, the band name was preceded by a "D" word...this time around it's "Drowner".

This was released as a C60 tape on Tape Room in 2007...and later released on the same label the following year as a cdr. This is the tape...like you care!

Somebody dropped a comment in the YS post from waaaaay back asking for this one. I had it ready for posting prior to the "death". Well, I hadn't forgotten and now it's here.

Drowner Yellow Swans


Anonymous,  4 February 2012 at 02:57  

Yellow Swans always equals win. :D

Anonymous,  4 February 2012 at 18:46  

Thanks very much!