Shockabilly - The Ghost Of Shockabilly

In 1982, Shockabilly was formed out of the ashes of Eugene Chadbourne's LSD Country & Western quintet The Chadbournes. When John Zorn and the late Tom Cora departed, they left a trio in their wake. Eugene Chadbourne, Kramer and David Licht carried on as the newly named Shockabilly.

Mark Kramer has appeared in some absolutely seminal outfits such as Half Japanese, B.A.L.L., Bongwater, Butthole Surfers and The Fugs. He also owned and operated the legendary and unique Shimmy Disc label. The label had such a singular take on the world that I would buy every new release without knowing what it was...just because it was a Shimmy release! They released Ruins "Stonehenge" onto an unsuspecting Western world ferchristssake! Some corporate shites took Shimmy Disc over in the '90's and (from memory) then went bust. I called it Karma at the time! Kramer has since set up Second Shimmy where he continues to release weird and wonderful music and has (re) remastered some of his work.

David Licht has also played in B.A.L.L., Bank Of Sodom, Bongwater and When People Were Shorter And Lived Near The Water.

This CD release on Shimmy Disc from 1989 compiles remastered versions of the first two lps "Earth Vs Shockabilly" and "Colossseum".

If you have never heard Shockabilly, you will have no reference points! Bizarre, inverted, twisted and exhilarating all the way down!



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i really don't like that post

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Not me. They were effin' brilliant.

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Thanks for this! Very Rad!