Jason Glover & Sir Richard Bishop - Elvi Sinawi

Between trying to have a life and MU dropping off the face of the earth for a short while and preparing the Ministries Of Blood post...pause for breath...thought I'd drop this.

It's a 3'' cdr released in 2002. I've started seeing this being offered up for a lot of money. If you were thinking about making an investment, bear this in mind (from Sir Rick's own site):

"A live performance of electronics and general mayhem. Recorded in the late 90s at I-Spy in Seattle, or at Benaroya Hall, depending on who you ask. Originally limited to about 35 copies in jewel case but now limited to however many Jason Glover makes when nobody is looking."

Elvi Sinawi


Anonymous,  10 December 2011 at 15:22  


relly didn't like it