Ministries of Blood Recordings

Ministries of Blood Recordings is/was a cdr label run by Dustin Redington who is one half of Demonologists (the other half being Cory Rowell).

Ministries of Blood was one of the leading industrial blackened noise labels in the United States and for the last 6 years pushed a genre so new and fresh at the time that most thought it to be a ridiculous concept. I mean, who would want to combine the imagery, fetishism and aesthetic of Norwegian Black Metal with heavy electronics? Obviously a lot of people rose to the challange as the black noise vibe exploded worldwide. MOBR only released cdr's and maintained a solid reputation in all things groundbreaking and innovating.

For the record...The Doctrine Of Flesh, Ropes Of Our Father, Lord of The Dead are Dustin solo projects, whereas Puritan Sword and Dead Bird Mountain see Dustin collaborate with Billy Mixson and Eric Sellers respectively.

Massive thanks to Dustin for sharing releases from the back catalogue!

Puritan Sword and The Doctrine Of The Flesh have been taken down as they are sheduled for re-release.

Cory has asked for the link to the excellent "Demonologists - Neon Pink" to be removed. It's due for a rerelease. Go and buy it. It's very fine.

Book of Blood - Book of Blood
Breath of Chaos - Decaying
Breath of Chaos - Eternal
Breath of Chaos - Summoning The Black
Butcherchrist - Black Wounded Soul
Caliginous - Reap The Atrocity
Cruento - Signal of Distress
Dead Bird Mountain - Demon(s)
Demonologists - Neon Pink (Soundtrack
Etheric Void - The Irradiating Failure of His Covenant
Graves House - Blood Nebula Forming
Ilabrat - Death Is The Crown of All
Josh Lay - Serotonin Haze
L'exorcisme - L'exorcisme
Lord of The Dead - Dethroned and Cast Through The Bowels of Hell
Lord of The Dead - Hatred
Lord of The Dead - In The Name of Violence
Lord of The Dead - The Sentence of Death
Maleux - Where The Dead No Longer Dream
Mortuor - I'am Waiting For You
Nomad Conqueror - Darkness Ruled The Earth
Nomad Conqueror - I Am From The Barbaric North
Rhuith - Zone Di Morte Illuminata
Ropes Of Our Father & Caustic Viral Hell - Split
Stemcell Research Project - Museum of Sleep
Teeth Collection - Priest Tongue
Toxicum Aestus - Indoctrination of Decay
Unholy Dominion - Spawn
Utarm - Thanatophilia
Witches Sabbath - Requiem of Shadows
Wormwoods Decay - The Butchrey


kingpossum,  5 December 2011 at 01:45  

Thanks and blessings to Dustin indeed! And to Badgerstump and Bleak Bliss for all you do too.


Profoundemonium 7 January 2012 at 19:13  
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demonologists,  28 May 2012 at 10:29  

could you please remove the demonologists "neon pink" soundtrack from your uploads? i'd appreciate it, as it's being reissued... thanks! - cory / demonologists (contact me here if necessary - demonologists AT hotmail)

badgerstump 28 May 2012 at 19:21  

No worries's gone!