Witcyst & Prick Decay - Custic Witch Conflictory And In The Pols

Dylan and Lisa Nyoukis collaborating with Michael Veet Ruiliude via the good old medium of mail-art. That's from the UK to New Zealand and back and forth and kind of admirably stubborn. If you're not familiar with Witcyst ... lordy lordy, where you been and say hello to Chrimbo. Not only is his music wonderfully eclectic (erm, wonderful would have sufficed in that sentence) but he is as prolific as the Mighty O. His own page is past a 1000 releases that as far as I know are free to download. The caveat is due to it being a lifelong commitment on anyone's part to really keep up! A short-cut, if it helps, is the brilliant Lathe Cut Singles box-set that Lasse Marhaug released in 2017. Whilst you're here, you may as well nip over to Stefan Neville's Stabbies And The Rocket Recordings treasure trove. Nice to have met you ... see you again in a few years!

This bounced between continents in 1996 and fell down the back of a couch for nearly a quarter of a century before seeing the light of day in an edition of 75 on the always delectable Chocolate Monk in 2020.

caustic magnetic poles apart


mountain 6 April 2022 at 08:01  

Witcyst is a legend.