Tea Gum Suck Dry - Paul And Candi Remix Tea Man With Tea Gum

The Paul in question is Paul Harrison (former member of Smell & Quim but much better known as Expose Your Eyes) and Candi Nook (aka The Shite Girls) remixing the work of Philipp Volokitin who ran Monopolka.

So, I was thinking can I link The Shite Girls up? The answer is yes but then I realised that this is also there digitally. It's there for the princely sum of fifty imperial pence or more. So, I'll break our rule of not posting available stuff by imploring you to go OVER HERE. There is so much great Northern noise on here it's not true (apart from the fact it's actually true ... Northern idioms probably don't travel that well). He's also on eBay as handybendyvendor where he sells his own music and art and some random shite. He'll happily print up the unavailable stuff as well if you want physical copies and he has the masters.

C40 released on Monopolka, Schmucks And Snicks and later as a CDr Fiend Recordings in two thousand and something. None of them could be bothered putting a year on it.

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Double Dubz 3 March 2022 at 20:07  

Totally unaware of that label/BC site, thx. A lot there too!