No More War Pigs

Apart from the music, there is a lot to love about Industrial Coast (if you avoid the fascination with Nicholas Cage):

"Last week's one off sale was a big one, & we raised around £900, split between Red Cross Ukraine & Ocalenie, to help in some small way the efforts to deal with the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. We are doing more stuff this weekend. Our noise comp will be out on cassette only late March/Early April. However, for today, its available digitally via Bandcamp. 16 tracks, including Like Weeds, Misery Engine, Miser, Stephen Shiell & Rush Falknor. Its available for 24hrs only. We dont do digital. 100% of of proceeds to World Central Kitchen & their refugee support work in Poland, Romania, Moldova & indeed Ukraine itself. There are also a bunch of new tees up."

Mine is in the metaphorical bag!


Chuck Josselyn 4 March 2022 at 20:46  

Death to tyrants! I am glad to add this to my Bandcamp collection!