Empirical Sleeping Consort - I've Got Tears In My Ears From Lying On My Back Catatoning Over You, Dear

This is Fido Samworthy and Carra Geenan (who were the short-lived and wonderfully named) Electro Static Cat who are joined here by Sylvia Fischer. There are eight tracks but it plays as a single mix of wonderful wtf explain it for yourself. It's really a damn fine piece of music ...

CD released on Dragnet Records in 1993.

Tears In My Ears


earthworm jam,  24 June 2021 at 19:37  

my twin the worm, worm juice, then this! glad to see yr back to the worm theme

Anonymous,  25 June 2021 at 01:34  

Oh god you HAVE to post the rest of their discography, it's so good!

Anonymous,  26 June 2021 at 01:08  

OG thanks

Certifiablockhead 2 September 2021 at 08:57  

first listen, welcome and thank you...