Aburadako - ADK Years 1983-1985

I recently found two basement shops that had boxes of rare noise tapes that I didn't know anything about. I'm just sitting down going through the boxes piling up loads of things to buy and then the highlight was to find two Rudimentary Peni tapes from 2019 that I knew nothing about. So, I'm queuing at the counter to buy them all ... and woke up and it was Saturday morning. I was fucking devastated and tried to dive back into that better place.

For the first minute, I was happier than I can remember. Once reality kicked in, I started to hear Aburadako in my head. No idea why. Until I went to listen again ... the first track of this (at least) has true Rudimentary qualities. I posted this in 2014 and the only difference is this one is lossless.

This is what I said at the time and it's still true: "Legendary Japanese outfit displaying their punk roots, taking the best of British Anarcho and early Eighties U.S. "hardcore" and turning into something else entirely. This was released on P-Vine Records in 2008 and is pretty much the same as the compilation released on OK Records in 1999 with the addition of some extra live tracks".

Sweet Dreams

... just don't snort the Stilton. Just saying.


Dante D 6 June 2021 at 23:21  

I think I've been in that shop once.