Les Rallizes Dénudés - Hanging Dance Party

I think it's me and kingpossum (might be wrong) that can't wait for the 20 disc release of those rare recordings of LRD having breakfast and taking a dump. Lord knows, everything else they have ever done seems to have been released. Mind you, they recorded very little in the studio so a lot of it is fan archived material ... but let's just say that there was a time a lot of it appeared to be endlessy recycled in the "grey area" vortex. Needless to say, for a hefty price.

There were two people in the audience recording this gig so the two discs are the same thing but from different perspectives. It's actually more rewarding than that sounds given that there isn't a lot of "video" footage of them.

Recorded on July 10th, 1994 at Seibu-Kodo (Western Auditorium), Kyoto University (京都・京都大西部講堂).

A double DVD set released on the very unofficial Ignuitas in 2006.

Soon, it will make another appearance wearing different skin. Until that happens, is there any appetite out there for rips of all 12 Monthly Altered States VHS tapes? They have never been referred to on Discogs and I've never seen them for sale ... but they are these.

To pre-empt sentient butt-plugs everywhere, it's not MP3 and the file is quite large.



kingpossum,  1 April 2021 at 22:59  

Indeed, Badgerstump, 'tis you and I who await said massive LRD box set of breakfast making sounds and assorted others. Until it arrives, this will have to do.

Really, I believed it not possible that anything oxidized would remain to yet be heard by the mighty ones, but alas, here is some. Only on the mighty Bleak Bliss of course. Namaste.

I remain,

Anonymous,  2 April 2021 at 01:10  

An incredible post, thank you! I'm not a LRD loremaster, but I've certainly listened to my fair share, and I'm always glad to come upon something new. Very excited to watch this.

Also: I absolutely LOVE Altered States. Consider me starving for those rips! I've hardly seen any live footage of them, and certainly none from the 90's.

Pablow 2 April 2021 at 04:47  

Never enough! Thanks a lot! Got 32Gig of LRD audio on one of my hard-drives from one weird Russian torrent... so this can't hurt. Anyways any chance of a re-upping those Gunjogacrayon releases, kicking myself that I missed out. I'm sure i can find something to kick back for the effort.
Much love and appreciation,

Anonymous,  2 April 2021 at 21:09  

can't ever have enough les rallizes denudes! thanks!

also idk what your feelings about stewart lee are, but he's wearing an LRD shirt in his latest special ("content provider"). (i don't think it's ironic either since he's pretty serious about experimental music. his topic on celebrity mastermind was the life & work of derek bailey)

badgerstump 2 April 2021 at 21:12  

anon ... you want rips of twelve Altered States VHS tapes and you can't go to the effort of having a "name"?

badgerstump 2 April 2021 at 21:18  

Pablow - don't need anything in return. always nice if it is unexpected but we already have enough to carry this on for a very very long time and we are already 12 years in.

we don't exchange. we share.

badgerstump 7 April 2021 at 22:11  

meant to say... really like Stewart Lee ... must have been the Heavier Than A Death In The Family t-shirt ... i didn't know that mastermind thing, i'm gonna have to find that

... anon and now unknown ... Caligari didn't set up an email he's just anon but with an attached name and he's been here for a decade or more

imagine the number of anon/unknown requests we get ... we're paying very little attention to those ... for the people who have been around here for a while, we'll hand-deliver.