Kikeiji - Early Days Rough & Tough

Well you've had your appetiser. These are a load of live recordings from 1983 ... aggro and muddy, just as it should be! You'll be familiar with the "highly unofficial" market that pushes this (largely) to the Occident with huge collector porn prices. Obviously, the bigger the box the more impressive it is and the more you definitely want it! Well people, I have been looking for the assurance that size doesn't matter for my entire life and finally here it is! One disc is 15 minutes long. The final two discs are one gig split across them when the would easily just fit on one. Irrespective ... I really like it (erm ... wouldn't be posting it otherwise).

A ten disc extravaganza released on (you guessed it) Youth Inc. in 2014. It's not MP3.

it looks big from the outside but on closer inspection it's just a root vegetable