Werewolf Jerusalem - And Hell Followed

Sometimes, it's slightly inconvenient to be an atheist. Take this for instance: if I believed in social control fairy tales then my Satan would be a Palestinian demonically spit-roasting the shitty little career narcissist. I do gain feelings of great hope when picturing the image but imagine if I believed it on an existential basis? I would be kneeling whilst laughing my face of at the impending juggernaut of "fake justice" smashing the crime syndicate. So erm yeah ... it's just the kneeling thing I'm missing out on? Way to go atheism!

A C60 released on Meaning Corrupted in 2014. A traditional edition of 16 that is not MP3.

Bar-B-Q Trump


Anonymous,  21 January 2021 at 23:48  

and we followed hell...