Alan Silva / Kidd Jordan / William Parker - Emancipation Suite #1

"Recorded in live performance at the Vision Festival, St. Nicholas of Myra Church, New York City on May 29, 1999. This composition is dedicated to the Vision Festival, to Sun Ra, George Russell and Leon Theremin."

You don't need an intro to these poeple but surely to god there is a full scale uncredited orchestra ... is that really a backing track? You know when you bought 200 Motels and took it home and thought what the fuck have I done on the first listen? Well, this is all of the good bits but with extra depth. It's a sound so large it could easily fill an empty world. I hope there aren't loads of people who have rocked up thinking this is a jazz blog because I'm going to piss on a lot of chips when I go back to murky analogue noise.

I think I semi-faked sincerity there ... I guess I nearly have it made.

A CD released on Boxholder Records in 2002. It's not MP3.

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mjy,  15 January 2021 at 14:46  

This here's a good 'un. Did somebody say Fuck Trump?