Crackhouse - The Acid King

Crackhouse was a brief project from David Gilden and Erik Amlee emitting a raucous combination of tape manipulation, noise and random guitar abuse. Good enough in itself but any of Gilden's work is notoriously impossible to get hold of and seems to have just ceased to exist. Well it had seemed like that ... in the past year alone, there have been three reissues of his harsh noise releases from the brief window of 1995 to 1998. Hopefully there will be a lot more to come.

This is a CDr released on Mandragora Records in 2001. Never been for sale on Discogs apparently ... do we get a medal for that? Or a badge? Okay then, a "brave little soldier" sticker ... yeah, nothing then. Fuck you!



Anonymous,  8 December 2020 at 18:42  

Fuck me eeeeee :3

badgerstump 8 December 2020 at 18:48  

I'd prefer a medal but I'll give it a go.

Robert Gomez 8 December 2020 at 22:58  

Krackhouse's first album ("The Whole Truth" - 1987) is a killer.

j weber 9 December 2020 at 00:52  

That's Ricky Kasso. I used to pen pal with a girl who was loosely involved in his peer group, and later read the book about him. Damn, I need to look into this.

badgerstump 9 December 2020 at 19:07  

hands up ... didn't know who Ricky Kasso was. thanks, that's very interesting!

@RG ... this is the only Crackhouse release I have ... any help remedying that gap in my brainspace would be greatly appreciated!

badgerstump 9 December 2020 at 21:27  

ahhh, wrong house of pipe smokers.

I adore Shimmy Disc but have managed to not hear them before ... listening to some now ... fkn good ...

mjy,  12 December 2020 at 12:53  

Might you fine folks know about this? Think I discovered it awhile back after reading that a close friend or family member maintains this. They've even reposted (with credit) the Sawgasm album from this blog.

badgerstump 12 December 2020 at 14:27  

Oh boy ... I didn't know anything about this site. Good shout!

Certifiablockhead 15 January 2021 at 22:12  

thank you bleakbliss and your loose community for all the sharing...