AC / DP - Highway To Hell

I share a birthday with Andrew Coltrane. I fucked him off quite a lot about ten years ago by posting 26 tapes in one of those really dumb discogs link dumps that used to happen here. Those kind of things stopped immediately and I've steered clear since. However, he genuinely is brilliant and ran / runs the equally brilliant Hermitage Tapes label. To improve matters, this is a collaboration with the brilliant David Payne who ran / runs the equally brilliant Middle James Co. label.

Yeah. I'm a fanboy.

A box of four C30s released on Middle James Co. in 2008 in 2008. It came in an edition of 23 and it's not MP3.

livin' easy

lovin' free


Anonymous,  15 December 2020 at 17:39  

that's ok