Wolf Eyes / Spykes - Cack Morology One

So in answer to the unasked question "I wonder if there was a Cack Morology One?".

The Wolf Eyes side is fucked up genius and I have been in such altered states where this would qualify as dance music ... but that just tells you things about me that you are not in the least bit interested in. Then you get 30 minutes of Spykes ... erm, you decide.

Sixty minutes of "Wolf Eyes self-released" tape from 2019 ... and there were still only 18 of these as well.

Cack Morology


Anonymous,  26 July 2020 at 17:40  

so cool

sebekulten 29 July 2020 at 19:55  

Angel dust tanzmusik!
I will be honest with you, Olson and Connelly definitely could have picked a better name for this project. During my initial exposures to noise, I was discouraged from checking out Wolf Eyes (even though they were one of the most mentioned names if I remember correctly) solely because my gut told me they made generic stuff; Wolf Eyes sound like a deathcore bandname (no hate, I like some deathcore at times) if you ask me. (Of course I later came to learn that they are in fact one of the more eccentric acts in the game.)

Or.. The name might have deliberately chosen to keep the suprise factor high and in that case my entire opinion becomes useless haha.