Garadama - Garadama II

Doom glorious doom with a slice of psychedelics on the side.

CD released on Fiend's Shrine in 2006.

Garadama II


Moth Drakula & Mutant Ape - Morbid Sails

Good 'ol high-energy harsh noise from one American unit, Moth Drakula, and George Proctor's Mutant Ape from the UK. This short split tape was released in 2005 by Swampland, a label run by 1/2 of Moth Drakula. The spirit of punk in its purest form.

Moth Drakula & Mutant Ape - Morbid Sails


Swarrrm / Garadama - Shaking In Agony / 阿鼻叫喚

Swarrrm are a great grindcore band with the vocals of someone with a terminal lung disease being strangled. Brilliant! Garadama wallow in a plentiful supply of doom.

A really good but un-lengthy CD released on Diwphalanx Records in 2010.



Various - Balls To The Wall Magenta

Alien technology does exist after all ... amidst all of the good stuff there is Coa, Noiseramones, OOIOO, Incapacitants and two (yes, two) collaborations between Melt-Banana and Otomo Yoshihide.

CD released on Dohb Discs in 1996.

Balls To The Wall Magenta


Coa - Your Chill Lobe To My Sound Sleep

Bouncing clatterpunk sandwiched between two much longer form psychedelic pieces.

CD released on Tokuma Japan Communications in 1998.

My Sound Sleep


Coa - Smell Me, Smell My Grand Father

It's actually quite a good chat up line ... worked a treat with my Nan. Mind you, we were always a close family.

NoMeansNo basslines, Albini growling and an Unsane cover ... guessed where you are yet?

CD released on Japan Overseas in 1996.

Smell Me


Various - Aiyoku Jinmin 21 Seiki

I can only imagine the smile on Mr L's face when he realised that Incapacitants has named a track "rrrrrrrrrRon". You also get Hijokaidan, Merzbow and Solmania counterpointed by the likes of The Nihilist Spasm Band + Aya Ohnishi, Christine 23 Onna, Seiichi Yamamoto and Garadama.

CD released on Alchemy Records in 2000.



Ferial Confine - Meiosis

This is the 2003 CD reissue of a 1985 cassette by Ferial Confine, an early pseudonym of ambient done guitarist Andrew Chalk. The tape originally appeared on the legendary Broken Flag label, but this version was remastered and cleaned up for release on Daisuke Suzuki's Siren imprint.

Ferial Confine - Meiosis


Various - Land Of The Rising Noise Vol. 1

Big Black is dead. The Buttholes have disappeared up their own surfers and NoMeansNo were repeating on themselves. Even my natural enemy was co-opted and turned into a commodity that was supposed to be my new friend. Go postal or go underground? I didn't have access to guns and I had to wait for a while ...

So into a world of ingénues who shuffled around mumbling "yeah i know stuff", this is Omoide Hatoba / Agencement / Dissecting Table / Aube / Children Coup d'Etat / DMV / Angel'in Heavy Syrup / Merzbow / Tokyo Dowser / C.C.C.C. / Hijokaidan and Keiji Haino.

CD released on Charnel Music in 1993.

... aka nice one Mason Jones!


Various - Land Of The Rising Noise Vol. 2

Again, there is (what is now) the hook of Contagious Orgasm and Melt-Banana and a whole host of other Japanese artists that largely passed me by. Regardless, it's a brilliant collection that does what they all should ... surprise and entertain all of the way down.

I mean, Kadura's shiny shiny shiny boots of leather on the first track followed by Der Eisenrost lifting the beat from Polygon Window's "Quoth"? C'mon ... that's genius ... and then you get more.

CD released on Charnel Music in 1997.



Ultra Fuckers - Untitled

Think of a really shambolic Bunny Brains trying to channel their inner Lightning Bolt ... and getting it wrong. Yep, that's how great this is. Brilliantly and deliberately hopeless. I'm not even being sarcastic. It's great! I don't have much by them so if anybody wants to fill my empty Ultra Fuckers hole ... please do!

CDr released on Monopolka in 2006.

Ultra Fuckers


Keiji Haino & Coa - You Should Draw Out The Billion And First Prayer

A match made in heaven ... all prayers answered.

CD released on Hören in 2000.



Various - Land Of The Rising Noise Vol. 3

Excellent compilation featuring now well known people such as Acid Mothers Temple, Mitsuru Tabata, K2, Kazumoto Endo and Keiji Haino (in a great collaboration with Coa) and those with a more esoteric reputation like the splendidly screwed Ultra Fuckers.

CD released on Mason Jones' Charnel Music in 1999.



Merzbow / Null - Babilonia

I'm assuming this needs no introduction so I won't bother ...

C60 released on ZSF Produkt in 1983.



Keiji Haino / Merzbow - Live 2004

This wonderful sounding gig is one of those where you really wish you were in the room. Personally, getting home afterwards would have been a problem.

Recorded live at Loft, Shinjuku, Tokyo 2004-07-02 and released as a CDr boot.

Live 2004


Rasenkaidan - 不思議なところ (Fushigi Na Tokoro)

Early Hijokaidan-related shoegaze goth rock recorded in 1979 and 1980, released on CD by Alchemy in 2006. 

Rasenkaidan - 不思議なところ (Fushigi Na Tokoro)


Noise - Tenno

Noise were a shifting collective with a improv-noise-drone mission. In their latter phase, the core appears to centred on Tori Kudo and Reiko Omura (who later married). The only other aural evidence of their existence is a split with Inryo Fuen that was released on Cragale ... but I've never seen it.

There was reissued on Alchemy Records in 2005. However, this is the CD released on Pataphysique Records in 1997 that comes with two bonus tracks.



Cockc' Nell - Live In ヤネウラ 81.10

Effectively, another bootleg but this was given away for free (what?) if you bought something else from the label in a few record shops in Tokyo.

CDr passed on by Cragale.

Live In ヤネウラ 81.10


Cock c' Nell - Live in Shibuya Yaneura 1980.10.07

This is a bit of a mystery given that I can't find any mention of it anywhere on t'web. It's made the more odd by the fact that the label spent it's time bootlegging extremely mainstream artists, so what they were doing dipping their digits into obscure Japanese territory is anybody's guess. Anyway, it's yours if you want it.

Released on Ze Anonym Plattenspieler at some point.

Live in Shibuya Yaneura


Cockc' Nell - Boys Tree

The line-up is doubled to eight on this release and includes Tori Kudo. Originally a 12" from 1986, this is considerably more polished than the original single. Not a surprise given the five years that have passed ... this remastered edition also has a bonus track.

CD inevitably released on いぬん堂 [Inundow] in 2002.

Boys Tree


Cockc' Nell - Kokushineru

Who you may ask?

I say, you no longer have to ask.

So stop asking then.

This has the Dodo rare 7" released on Pinakotheca Records from 1981 (with the brilliant violinist Yasuo Kojima). To be honest, that would be enough but you also get another nine live tracks.

That'll be a good thing then?

If in doubt, don't ask.

CD released on the increasingly indispensable いぬん堂 [Inundow] in 2002.



Children Coup d'Etat - Shiva Of Barbeque / Technepas

Now, this Children Coup d'Etat may be the last that I will ever be able to post. I obviously hope not but if it is ... what a way to go out. A truly delirious and beautiful thing for the brain to behold!

7" released on Public Bath in 1992.

Shiva Of Barbeque / Technepas


va - ZK Samplers 1992→93

Japanese noise-rock compilation from the early 90s, featuring Surfers of Romantica, Ita-Roh, Yellow Cab, UFO or Die, Coaltar of the Deepers, Gaji, Korean Buddhist God, Ruffians, Convex Level, Dado, Koenjihyakkei, U. (which is one guy from Corrupted), Elekki Bran and others even more obscure. 

va - ZK Samplers 1992→93


Harpy - Do Not Eat

More brain dislocation for the Radio Gnomes who sailed out too far and found out that the Earth isn't flat ... it's a helix. Sorry to break it to you like that.

CD on Stupeur & Trompette! in 1997.

Do Not Eat


Harpy - Speech On The Radio

The heart of Harpy is Kenichi Ito (who was in Aburadako) and Kyoko (who was in Kokushoku Elegy and OOIOO). This is a warped blend of Zappa anti-jazz and funk-punk orchestrated by lunatics on children's toys. And then there is the wonderful vocals of Kyoko coming across as a more weird Kate Bush with echoes of Elizabeth Fraser and Laetitia Sadier.

CD on Stupeur & Trompette! in 1999.

Speech On The Radio


Pärson Sound

Two-disc set of psychedelic fuzz from the legendary Swedish band Pärson Sound, mostly concert and radio performances recorded in 1968 and 1969. Pärson Sound would morph into International Harvester and Trad Gras Och Stenar, but this is where they started. Fans of Acid Mothers Temple, Vibracathedral Orchestra and Amon Duul 2 will appreciate Pärson Sound's high-volume jazz/noise/rock bliss.


A-Musik - Live at Muon '82

As the title says, this is a live recording of A-Musik from 1982, released on CDR by a Japanese label called Cragale. No idea what year it came out. The Cragale label looks very interesting, judging by their Discogs entry: lots of reissues of Japanese no wave, new wave and related experimental obscurities.

A-Musik - Live at Muon '82


Nikudan - Nikudan

I spent quite a while surgically removing some big pops and crackles from this ... given the age and the format, it sounds great!

7" flexi disc courtesy of Lucky Strike Records in 1983.



Nikudan - Puroretaria Supōtsu


Self-released 8" EP released from 1984.



Nikudan / Gas - Hunter Diary / Spirit World

Gas sometimes steer too close to the metal edge for my liking but just about pull it off with some decent hardcore post-punkery. Human Bullet are obviously great.

8" EP released on Jisatsu Rēberu in 1984.

猟人日記 / 霊界


A-Musik - E Ku Iroju

Strange 1984 LP of avant-jazz-improv-rock grumble, led by critic Kenichi Takeda and featuring contributions from Tori Kudo, Masami Shinoda & Yoshio Kuge (of Maher Shalal Hash Baz), John DuncanRiyuchi Sakamoto (of Yellow Magic Orchestra) and many more. 

A-Musik - E Ku Iroju


Nikudan - Nikudan

Let's face it, you would probably download this on the basis of the cover alone ... but ... your entry point is early Pere Ubu, Dead Kennedys cowpunk and a Buttholes bass bounce. As usual, there seems to be little recorded evidence of their existence with only a tiny handful of releases from 1983-4.

CD retrospective released on いぬん堂 [Inundow] in 2002.

In the spirit of dreaming the impossible dream, the label simultaneously released a CD of live recordings ... never seen it but hearing it would be good!



Kokushoku Elegy - Esoderic Mania

The guitar of Ichiro Shitakiri, bass of Koichi (who were both in Nikudan) and the drums of Yasuyuki would normally be good enough. But, when you add in the voice of Kyoko? Seriously, you are in a different league! Exemplary post-punk band that appear to have existed between 86 and 89 and only released three 12"s ... the supercharged Banshees influence is obvious but it's so much more than that. This collects together all of their vinyl with some compilation tracks. It's a very good and rare thing.

CD released on SSE Communications in 1993.

Esoderic Mania


Children Coup d'Etat - Masochistic Instruments

I seriously thought that I would never get to hear this. Then, an anonymous genius dropped this into the comments of a recent post. Mind = Blown.

So just in case you missed it, here's this magnificent CD released on Bloody Butterfly in 1991.



Gaseneta - Gaseneta

Another unearthed gem. Recorded live at Meiji University, Tokyo in the Spring of 1978.

7" released on Super Fuji Discs in 2017.



Toshiharu Ohsato - Takaranetanchototakaine

Toshiharu Ohsato is one of the people behind Gaseneta and Taco and that entire orbit of what? This only tells half of the tale ... the list of collaborators on here is ridiculously impressive but I don't have the time to explain. It took me days to tag this so you either trust me or you are here by accident.

A massively impressive and unexpected five CD retrospective released on Super Fuji Discs in 2011. There is a one hour DVD that came with this set but I don't have that ... sorry.




Cassiber with Shinoda Masami - Live In Tokyo

The first disc is the titular outfit recorded live at R's Art Court in Tokyo on October the 23rd, 1992.

The second disc is the event reworked and remixed by the full force of Ground Zero.

This has so many unpredictably poignant intercepting timelines that it beggars belief. Cassiber were an excellent German avant-garde improv/jazz/rock/skronk band and this is the first time that toured in Japan ... and they called it a day very soon after this recording and ceased operations. Here, they are joined by Masami Shinoda. Within a few months of the recording, he unexpectedly died. This also the final time that Ground Zero recorded anything before dissolving and going their separate ways. You couldn't make it up. Monumental in so many ways.

Double CD originally released on Off Note in 1997.

Live In Tokyo

Ground Zero


Cinorama - Garden, The Garden

The 1995 sophomore album of dreamy, jazz-inflected pop, released as a CD by the essential PSF label. Features a guest appearance by Keiji Haino on one song.

Cinorama - Garden, The Garden


Kyoko Kuroda / Masami Shinoda - Duo

In his time, Masami Shinoda was a master sax-blaster with the likes of Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Ché-SHIZU and A-Musik. He's here on alto and tenor with Kyoko Kuroda drawing sounds out of keyboards and piano that defy belief ... and it's all recorded live on the 30th of August, 1988 at Manda-La2 in Kichijoji, Tokyo.

C80 released on Omba Records in 1988.



Cinorama - Three Lies and a Ding-a-Ling at 5 O'Clock

Attention harsh heads: keep on walking. This is not for you. Toshiaki Ishizuka, drummer of proto-punk group Brain Police and two of Kan Mikami's bands (a trio with Keiji Haino called Vajra, and one with Masayoshi Urabe called Sanjah... he's also recorded a duo album with Mikami and has sat in with Hijokaidan a handful of times) formed Cinorama with cellist Hiromichi Sakamoto and singer/clarinetist Sachiyo Sakata. This album is mostly low-key, pastoral pop that fans of David Sylvian, Ai Aso or Go Hirano would get into. Released in 1994 by the mighty PSF, it remains one of the more obscure titles in that legendary label's catalog.

Cinorama - Three Lies and a Ding-a-Ling at 5 O'Clock


Masami Shinoda - Tokyo Chin Don Vol.1

Chindon'ya are effectively Japanese marching bands that were elaborately dressed troupes playing traditional instruments that were designed as the bearer of that modern curse: advertising! Now much more rare to see on the streets and viewed through nostalgic eyes. Masami Shinoda's goal was to document the music whilst it was still around. One disc is recorded in the studio and one is recorded on the streets and it's much better than I've made it sound.

Double CD released on Puff Up in 1992.

Tokyo Chin Don Vol.1


Satoshi Sonoda - Early Works Of Satoshi Sonoda 1977→1978 Memories Of Yasushi Ozawa

Key figures within the Japanese underground aggregating as Free Music Space, Free Music Revolt and ANARkiSS and not really appearing anywhere else but here.

CD released on P.S.F. Records in 2009.



Satoshi Sonoda - Mimi-Nuki: Secondary Works Of Satoshi Sonoda 1982-1989

Secondary in a sequential sense rather than inferior. Satoshi Sonoda slipped past the occidental world ... until ...

Collaborators include Tori Kudo, Masami Akita, Takuya Nishimura, Shinya Kimura, Otomo Yoshihide and many others (including the influence of Sten Hanson). Magical gear!

CD released on P.S.F. Records in 2012.



Mainliner - Live In Tokyo 2014

Recorded live at UFO Club Tokyo on the 6th of February, 2014. Yes, it's properly recorded but damn the latest line-up nailed every single note ...

CD released on Acid Mothers Temple in 2018.

Live In Tokyo 2014


Mainliner - Live In New York 97

Recorded live at the Knitting Factory in March 1997. God knows what recording device was used to bootleg this BUT there are parts where the applause is louder than Mainliner even when Mainliner are still playing!!! File it under "Asahito Nanjo ... WTF are you thinking? ... oh yeah, kerching." Even so, it has some fine parts.

CDr on La Musica Records from probably 1998.

Live In New York 97


Mainliner - Live In London Twenty Thirteen

It's always a joy to know that the Mainliner juggernaut keeps on (steam)rolling. This is Makoto Kawabata on guitar, Taigen Kawabe on bass and the utterly legendary Shimura Koji on drums.

"Recorded live at Corsica Studios, London September 2013. Mixed and mastered from three different source recordings inc soundboard."

C64 released on Swap Meat in 2014 (and that is a cassette subdivision of the splendidly egalitarian Riot Season).

Live In London Twenty Thirteen


Mainliner - La Musica Tapes Vol. 1

"Compilation CDr of two old tape albums released on La Musica. Tracks 1-6 were originally released as "Troop" and are demo versions of songs that appeared on "Mellow Out". Tracks 7-11 were originally released as "Mainliner Sonic" are a demo versions of songs that appear on the album of the same name."

The first half has Hajime Koizumi on drums whilst the rest has Tatsuya Yoshida in the seat.

CDr released on Acid Mothers Temple in 2013.

La Musica Tapes Vol. 1


Mainliner - La Musica Tapes Vol. 2

"A compilation of releases previously put on on cassette by La Musica. Tracks 1-5 were originally on "Psychedelic Atmosphere Beatnik" and all but the last track are live recordings, tracks 6-8 were originally on "Kamikaze" which was originally planned to be the second Mainliner album."

This is the line-up of the band that had Tatsuya Yoshida on drums.

CDr released by Makoto Kawabata on the Acid Mothers Temple label in 2013.

La Musica Tapes Vol. 2