Rock 'n' Roll Jackie & Pain Jerk - Super Relaxed

The RnR in question is Jackie Stewart (a key member of Smegma who also recorded as Oblivia) collaborating with Kohei Gomi in a full-on plundered sound noise absurd-fest.

This is a CD released on Second Layer Records in 2010. Second Layer was a beautiful record shop, distro and occasional label based in London. I used to buy mail order from Pete a lot but only got to go to the shop once. Presumably eleven years ago, Sonic Youth were playing at the Camden Roundhouse doing a 20th anniversary Daydream Nation thing (although everything before that would have been better). I got tickets for the third (additional) night with support from Sutcliffe Jügend. That in itself would be a great thing apart from the fact that the people on the desk did not have a clue what to do with them and turned the sound of messrs Tomkins and Taylor into mud, but at least I got to see them I suppose. Anyway, whilst down there for the weekend I eventually found the shop and put about £250 over the counter ... everything from a signed 1st edition mint Nurse With Wound LP for £12 (Pete hadn't clocked the authenticity on that one) and £20 on a boxed Jackie-O Motherfucker tour tambourine (seriously). Anyway, thanks for asking.

Super Relaxed


Anonymous,  21 December 2019 at 17:51