Cracked Dome & IDX1274 - Split

Double CDR of American harsh noise by two obscure artists from Oregon, both of whom were active in the 00s but seem to have slowed down (or stopped?) several years ago. I think, though I'm not certain, that both Cracked Dome (aka Gene Symptoms) and IDX1274 were also members of The Sunken. Released in 2006 by Barfing Dagger Re-Recordings, a name which must have meant something to somebody at some point.

Cracked Dome & IDX1274 - Split


erik 15 December 2019 at 22:35  

Gene Symptoms was one half of the Sunken, with the other being Suicidal Tendons and joined by IDX1274 for some live work. Maybe some recording too, but I wasn't much around for that part of their history.
They would also host the legendary Kelso Noise BBQ (around the 4th of July weekend), as they were a bit north of the Vancouver/Portland area during that heyday. Great show and it always felt a natural extension of the Portland's PDXnoisefest.

Anonymous,  16 December 2019 at 18:40  

the idx track is gorgeous