Nihilist Spasm Band - No Record

It's hard to believe that this album, Nihilist Spasm Band's debut, was unleashed upon an unsuspecting world in 1968. It sounds just as magnificent in 2019 as is did decades ago. This was a major influence on Japanese noise legends Hijokaidan, whose main antagonist Jojo Hiroshige reissued it as a CD on his Alchemy label in 1996.

Nihilist Spasm Band - No Record


Dr. Tonka,  12 September 2019 at 05:34  

i have this on vinyl from the cortical foundation. Brilliant record.

rev.b,  13 September 2019 at 04:25  

I do enjoy it when you cdig back to the classics. Certainly a fundimental record of the genre, or at least it would have been if it had been released on 1968. Agreed, still a magnificent document. Much appreciated