A relatively brief but glorious collaboration between Jeffery Taylor and Robert Millis of Climax Golden Twins and fellow Seattle-ites Erin Sullivan, Lars Finberg and Min Yee who were in the splendidly chaotic A-Frames.

This was released as an LP with a bonus 7" on Sub Pop in 2010. This is only the promo CD version that doesn't include the two tracks from the vinyl version. Guarantee your own personal shrine in Badgerstump Towers by sliding that one my way!



Anonymous,  22 June 2019 at 20:10  

Badger, you are a GOD!

badgerstump 23 June 2019 at 19:13  

Yes, I know. I try to keep it quiet though because before know it you end up with statues and acolytes and disciples and messiahs who are really just very naughty boys and priests wearing dresses who fiddle with kids.

Best to keep it quiet really ...