A Band - A

How to describe The A Band? One of the most un-Googleable bands since Electric Guitars were a loose confederacy of oddballs from the UK's 90s/00s no-audience noise/jazz/rock/art underground. At various times, the band included Neil Campbell (aka Astral Social Club), Richard Youngs, Stewart Walden (of Smell & Quim), Stream Angel, Sticky Foster (aka Ovid Corpse), Simon Morris (of Ceramic Hobs) and scads more... Discogs lists 29 members of the group, though they don't all perform each time. The line-up shifts, contracts, and recombines as needed. No matter how many people are involved, A Band's recorded legacy tends to incorporate elements of free improvisation, psychedelic rock, noise, electronics, performance art... think of Sunburned Hand of the Man or Vibracathedral Orchestra, that sort of thing, but A Band were on their own strange wavelength. Oh, and they tended to title things with words that began with "A", because... um, because that's what they did. This self-released CD documents a 1991 performance at The Canning Factory in Nottingham, though it came out in 1997.

A Band - A


Anonymous,  22 June 2019 at 15:33  

pretty cool

Anonymous,  28 June 2019 at 17:11  

Might have been OK at the gig but what's the point as with a lot of these types, it's elitist and self indulgent.
Better play it again to discover the hidden meaning.

A Nonnimouse