va - Rude Boxxx

Six cassette box set on Heath "Sick Llama" Moerland's Fag Tapes label, released in an edition of 30 copies in 2006. Included a reissue of the debut Fag Tapes release, Sick Llama "Thrown Down a Well", plus Connelly/Failing Lights "Time Layered" which first came out as a tape on Gods of Tundra in 2005. The rest of the set is otherwise unreleased Sick Llama, WM, Cygnus and Barf Thoth, which I believe are just Moerland under different monikers.

tape 1
tape 2
tape 3
tape 4
tape 5
tape 6


Robert Gomez 27 February 2019 at 21:58  

You guys are killing it this year.

badgerstump 27 February 2019 at 22:03  


we decided to murder 2019.

nothing personal, it's just not as good as 2020