La Monte Young / Marian Zazeela / The Theatre Of Eternal Music - Dream House 78' 17"

This is the sound of that razor edge where the trip is about to turn bad and you are hanging on for grim reality. Academically terrifying but retrospectively exhilarating once the ride is survived. Well, there was this one Killing Joke gig when ... oh, yeah ... concentrate ...

The first track is as spectacularly unhinged and delirious as anything I've heard. The second is the sustained come-down drone. Don't forget kids, quarter of a tab first and don't re-dose until you are sure you're ready.

Originally released on Shandar in 1974 before being re-released on Aguirre Records in 2016.

Dream House 78' 17"


Dante D 17 February 2019 at 02:55  

Damn. I wish I had your advice when I thought I could handle two hits at once. Nothing actually happened, but it sure was interesting.