va - Ohrenschrauben/Ohrensausen

Double CD reissue of two excellent industrial compilations originally released as two separate LPs in 1985 by HNAS' Dom label in Germany. The reissue came out on the related Dragnet label in 1990. Quite a varied line-up of tape-splice tomfoolery, austere electric buzz, ugly noises and who-the-hell-knows electronic weirdness. There's some truly great stuff on here, including wonderful songs by P16.D4, Vagina Dentata Organ, Whitehouse, Toll, Current 93, The New Blockaders & Organum, Nurse With Wound, Chrystal Belle Scrod, Smegma, The Haters, Sema, Asmus Tietchens, and HNAS in a few guises (as themselves, and masquerading as Duka Bass Band and Mieses Gegonge). 

disc 1
disc 2


Anonymous,  9 May 2018 at 12:49  

especially duka bass band