Free Agents - £3.33

Initially, this was a very mysterious Mancunian release and the details only came to light well after the event:

"While [Buzzcocks] are mixing 'Love Bites', the rest of The Tiller Boys play support to Gang Of Four at York University. The gig, played by Francis Cookson and Eric Ramsden, is recorded and subsequently released on Groovy Records - the off-shoot of The Tiller Boys call themselves Free Agents, and the record is both called, and sells for, £3.33p. Despite [Pete] Shelley's absence from the live recording, the remaining tracks which make up the album feature Shelley, Cookson and Alan [Deaves] (guitarist/vocalist with The Worst), recorded at Graveyard Studios in Prestwich, Manchester." There are even rumours that Barry Adamson is involved here somewhere.

LP released on Pete Shelley and Francis Cookson's Groovy Records in 1980.