Various - Untitled

Kilgore Trout with an awful Depeche/OMD styled toe-tapping travesty, P6 and Snkhngvr eating crisps, The Sad Dragons fucking about (P6 again?) and Stretchheads with a live cover of Manic Depression.

Single-sided flexi 7" that came with the excellent Leeds-based (with a bit of Manchester thrown in for good measure) fanzine Ablaze! I've got the mag somewhere but can't put my hands on it ... I'm pretty sure that this was from Issue 7 in 1990. If you care about such things (and you really should) or ever went to The Duchess Of York, you need to read Karren's book The City is Ablaze!.


Whilst I'm here ... this is the Stretchheads Peel session from July 1991. The Peel Session website says there are only four tracks but this scavenged item also comes with covers of the theme songs for The Sweeney and The New Avengers. There's also a four minute interview from Dutch radio where the host really tries to do it seriously. Poor bugger never stood a chance!

peel slowly and see


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