Atsushi Tsuyama - Sampler Tape Cassette

Now, here's a strange thing. A collection of Atsushi Tsuyama related projects: Atsushi Tsuyama and Chikako Hidaka; Omoide Hatoba Live at Bears, Osaka; Akaten Live at Reithalle, Berne; Tairiku Otoko vs Sanmyaku Onna; Live at "Hoya in F", Tokyo; Live at Tokuzo, Nagoya and Happiness Proof. You'd be forgiven for thinking that this was just a mixtape put together by Joe Bloggs in his bedroom somewhere ... and then you get to the end of the tape and Chikako Hidaka thanks you "for hearing the end of this tape" and explains that Atsushi Tsuyama is available for tours all over the world. That sounds pretty genuine to me. It seems that this was a promotional tape sent out in 1999 ... all of the titles and personnel are listed in the files ... make of it what you will.

Sampler Tape Cassette


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