One Dark Eye - Transmissions Of Fistulae Auris

Originally a C60 on Mother Savage Noise Productions released in 1994 (and again in 2008). This was a welcome chance to hear some of Rodger Stella's earlier work.

Released on Mikko Aspa's brilliant Industrial Recollections in 2010.

Transmissions Of Fistulae Auris


Anonymous,  25 November 2016 at 11:54  

Industrial Recollections performs a crucial service. It's a shame that Aspa has become somewhat negligent towards that imprint in recent years.
Do you have the IR edition of Interzone 3, the Grey Wolves/Sudden Infant/Macronympha collaboration? I have no idea where my CD has disappeared off to.

badgerstump 25 November 2016 at 13:20  

I only have the Open Wound version ... apparently it has completely different track lengths to the IR version.