Various - Reißaus Vor Krach Und Chaos

This is really all about P.D., Permutative Distorsion and P16.D4.

You also get then current and former members of these formations as [Charles] Rogalli (aka Ralf Wehowsky), LLL (aka Joachim Pense), Kasperle Killerpilz and Ertrinken Vakuum (both the work of Thomas Memmler), Kurzschluss (Joachim Stender and Ralf Wehowsky) and Der Apathische Alptraum (Roger Schönauer). You also get the forgotten El'A and Les Crêpes but I don't know which of the assembled people were responsible for these.

C40 released on Selektion in 1982.

Reißaus Vor Krach Und Chaos


Anonymous,  28 August 2016 at 20:39  

and this one is a masterpiece too