Halim El-Dabh - Crossing Into The Electric Magnetic

Up until a few days ago, I was completely ignorant of this man's life and work. I won't start pretending otherwise. The liner notes are included which eloquently provide the background to this music. The majority of these recordings were made in 1959 ... with the earliest being 1944. Consider that as you listen to these absolutely astonishing recordings.

Released on Without Fear in 2000.

Thanks to Brian for requesting this ... it has made my week.

Crossing Into The Electric Magnetic


Prog Geo,  31 August 2016 at 01:00  

Thanks!!! I'm glad you discovered him! He might be the 1st musique concrete composer!

Anonymous,  1 September 2016 at 08:02  

Well, Badgerstump, it seems you got to hear this before I have! I only know him by way of his "Leiyla And The Poet" from the Columbia-Princeton compilation. I'm looking forward to listening. Many thanks for the posting.


GRK. 1 September 2016 at 16:28  

Extraordinary work. Thank you!

Nathan 2 September 2016 at 13:12  

One of those weird internet coincidences where I was thinking last week: should I try and get a copy of this from some overseas seller via Discogs? ... and then, as if by magic ... So, thank you muchly for this one!

Anonymous,  4 September 2016 at 18:48  


Bodhi Amol,  10 January 2017 at 19:54  

Indeed it looks like this guy was the first to make musique concrete,as long nobody comes up with an even more obscure find...
Thanks for this!