Lewd / Zeni Geva - Split

Side A is a live recording by Lewd (formally Incubus) who were Hans Jacobs on vocals and guitar, Jac Van Bussel (aka DMDN, Jacinthebox and former THU20 member) on bass and Paul Rabelink on drums. They were unfortunately short-lived. Imagine a strangled Godflesh. There you go ... really pretty great. The Zeni side is a live recording featuring the classic line-up of Kazuyuki Kishino, Mitsuru Tabata and Eito Noro with Yasuko (?) as a second drummer. Zeni Geva. Live. With two drummers? Damn!

LP released on Supreme Tool Supplies in 1992.

Lewd / Zeni Geva


Certifiablockhead 5 June 2016 at 14:38  

fu&in magnificent...yeahhh...