Lefthandeddecision - Box Set

This is one of those does it really exist releases. Well the answer is yes. I know "for a fact" that it is a six CDr boxset (the box is white by the way). I'm assuming that it was self-released (in 2001). My assumption is based upon the fact that it contains all of Phil Blankenship's impossible to find early releases.

On here, you get the Surgical Precision C30, the Without Life C60, the Lovelorn CDr, the RCLF C10, the Bascombination C18, the Powertripping tracks from the IMPAXIS split, the half of the Personal Precision CDr that doesn't include the Surgical Precision tape, the Cracked Electronics C60 (for some reason minus the 24 minute Mumble & Reg Remix) and a variety of great compilation appearances.

I've sat on this for years. And years! I've been waiting to find some kind of presence on t'interweb (as though that would add the requisite authentication) but have failed, but I know a few people who have seen it with their eyes. The thing that niggles me is the 6th disc ... it's much shorter than the others and I can't help thinking that the Mumble & Reg Remix is unintentionally missing. Given that I've sat on this wonderful set for so long, I'm resigned to never knowing ... maybe there is nothing else to know ...

Anyway, there is some kind of gender oppressive rule that, on the 29th of February, females are "allowed" to ask males to marry them. If recognition of your private relationships by the church and / or state is important to you and somebody proposes to you today then judge the prospects of the prospective union by their ability to sit with you throughout this set and offer critical nuances on its finer points. I admit that there should be more punctuation in the previous sentence. Otherwise, bin them off and spend the rest of your life alone. Mind you, I may have not thought that last bit through ...






no, don't do it


Ian 3 March 2016 at 00:12  

Wow! Totally overwhelming! Massive! Explosive! I'd go on but I don't think words can sum it up.

Thanks for including the .txt file, it should assist in organizing this insane document which isn't even listed on discogs. A real mystery, this. Many thanks again!!

Certifiablockhead 13 July 2016 at 01:41  

thanks, it´s huge as in beautiful...